Guitars with the "WOW!" Factor Guitars with the "WOW!" Factor 1942 Gibson J-45 Acoustic This little gem showed up at my studio yesterday....beautiful! 1942 Gibson J-45 Acoustic It apparently fell off a truck back in Mississipi and had been repaired. This super little guitar plays great and is just bursting with character! Photos: Lola Bourget 180995184 141719936 Kim's Strat This is the coolest of all! It oozess MOJO! Kim's vintage 1982 Stratocaster. 100% stock parts and his favorite guitar. 111385744 Brian Setzer Nashville Gretsch Gretsch® Brian Setzer Nashville® models are built to Brian?s exacting specs and modeled on the guitars in his killer vintage collection. The trestle bracing matches that of Setzer?s favorite ?59, giving it a more solid feel and tons of sustain. Standard features include 1959 trestle bracing, TV Jones® Classic pickups, Sperzel® locking tuners, pinned Adjusto-Matic? bridge, nickel hardware and Bigsby® B6CB vibrato tailpiece. This model has a fantastic Orange Tiger Flame finish. 137092755 Tal Farlow 141719935 "King of the West" Mountie Guitar! My flea market find of 2012! Ok, maybe it's not worth a million bucks, but it's very cool!! The "King of the West" guitar was made in Canada by the Eatons Co. between 1959 and 1961. It sold for $17.95. My little guitar had the misunfortune of having it's moveable bridge screwed down. It also does not have it's original tail piece and one tuning key is not original. None the less, the body of this cute little guitar is in excellent condition! It's bursting with character and generates conversation with just about everyone who sees it. It made my flea marketing day well worth it! 180861876 Custom Gibson SG Description to follow. 133570593 Paul Reed Smith One of seven only. PRS guitars are not produced in white. Two Humbucking pickups with a single coil (split rail) in the center position.Beautiful! 139609335 Vintage TN Japan Deluxe Electric Guitar's a different kind of WOW factor, but I found this in NDG in a tiny, hole in the wall, antique store, and decided it was far too cool to leave behind! Vintage 1950's TN (Toys Nomura) Made in Japan, Deluxe TIN toy electric guitar 28" inch Gibson look alike, is in good condition with original strap. Beautiful lithograph on tin. Plays like an acoustic, no electronics or batteries. Les Paul, a funky little abyssinian, tricolor guinea pig from the Jiggley Piggley Farm is showing it off for us. He is available for adoption. You can visit him at ! 139752194 146697503 146697504 146697505 Paul Reed Smith Other than the fabulous finish, this guitar has three PAF single coil pick ups. 137092756 James Trussart SteelCaster A work of art that is also a fantastic playing guitar. Exclusive steel hollow body, shows off the beautiful Trussart finishes, but it also has tonal advantages. The dragon is engraved into the steel. According to Kim, "Sonically speaking, this guitar is tighter than a duck's ass!" 134212804 James Trussart SteelCaster - Back This particular Trussart has a perforated back for esthetics purposes, tone and making the instrument lighter weight. 134214871