In the Studio In the Studio Andrew Seven year old Andrew had his first lesson today, July 24, 2013! In preparation for his future guitar God status,he practises his dreamy look! 182557712 Brothers, Michel and Luc Michel and Luc study with Kim separately, but they have recently teamed up to learn a brotherly duet version of Wonderful Tonight to be preformed for their families later in the year. July 24, 2013 182559106 Daniel Kim's youngest student and the most easily distracted by adorable baby guinea pigs! 175765453 Irwin Long time musician, Irwin, has come to Kim to sharpen his skills. Nov, 2012 168862706 Chris Chris - Wow, nice SG! July 5, 2012 159579850 Caroline Caroline July 5, 2012 159580571 Beverly Bev is another enthusiastic adult learner who has recently decided to pick up guitar! Oct, 2011 139753628 Michel Michel did some learning on his own, but has come to Kim to help really move his playing forward. 102436340 Luc Here's Luc with his new Larrivee acoustic! Luc is brother to Michel, another of Kim's students. Luc has been studying with Kim for about a year now. 184192742 Bill Beginner student, Bill, and his Fender Stratocaster! 70975565 Bobby Beginner student Bobby with an unusual and cool vintage Gibson guitar. 97191985 Steve Steve, longtime student and friend. 69801359 Julia Julia and her cool Red Fox Strat with a pink sparkle finish! No bubble gum pink here either...this entry level guitar is very sweet! Feb 3, 2012 148495971 Serge Serge July 2012 159580012 Derek Long time student, Derek. 70654153 Mathew Mathew tuning up for an intermediate level electric lesson. 69801355 Lindsay Lindsay has been studying with Kim for a couple of years now. 114543485 Jack Jack learning to tune his new electric guitar! 69800877 Diane Friend and intermediate student, Diane. 69800875 Phillip Tuning up and enjoying the summer weather. July 5, 2012 159579849 Ewin Ewin ready to go! 97191986 Ray Intermediate student, Ray. July 5, 2012 159580011 Bilal Bilal, a new beginning student, has always wanted to learn to play guitar. He and Kim began working together this week. July 31, 2013 182859476 Connor Connor is a very enthusiastic new student. He's been learning a bit on his own, but sought out Kim's instruction to help him bring his playing to the next level. 182859477 Andrew Beginner student, Andrew, learns to tune up using the Boss GT-8 effects pedal. Pretty cool! April 5, 2013 178629331 Lori Lori's been playing for a while, but has decided to kick up her playing a notch with Kim's help. Love this picture Lori! :) April 29, 2013 178577239 Silva Another adult learner picking up guitar for the first time. Silva is is a little shy about being photographed but I think her photo turned out great!! March 2013 175792421 Thomas Thomas studied violing for a few years, but he has recently decided to pick up guitar. 168862807 Dario A quiet moment for Dario. He has been studying with Kim for a couple of years now. 161276785 Réjean Réjean arrives to lesson in style! 165551789 Brandon Promising beginner student, Brandon with his very cool guitar! 98102292 Julien Julien and his very cool Pawnshop Fender '72! Julien recently sold his Fender Pawnshop in favor of a beautiful Richmond, by Godin. I was sad about that! 160275720 John New intermediate student, John. Oct. 2011 141408406 Kate, Julia and Jenny Kate, Julia, and Jenny all in the studio for their first lessons! 97191984 Chelsea Chelsea meets Peanut at her first acoustic guitar lesson. She has proven to be an excellent student with a GREAT singing voice to boot! 87681611 Jeff Intermediate player, Jeff arriving for his second lesson. Always welcoming adult learners of all skill levels, we provides a comfortable, mature, learning environment. Oct, 2011 139753627 Giordi Kim and Giordi work on a recording an original piece, 69800876 Giordi Giordi intermediate level bass student. 69801357 Colette and Kayley Mother and daughter team, Colette and Kayley 116939156 Karl Karl April 2011 123917610 Jason Returning after a sabbatical. 147877401 Sergio Sergio April 2011 123917611 Mia and Miko Mia and Miko, a too cute brother and sister duo and Kim's youngest students on the roster. 114624657 Lucas Beginner student, Lucas 114624656 Chris We're happy to welcome Chris to the roster. 111429002 Patrick Patrick tuning up his new G&L Asat Classic Tele! 69801358 Ludovick Ludovick gets in the Halloween spirit for his lesson! October 29th, 2010 104554692 Farrah Fresh off a trip to Europe, Farrah returns for lessons. 102436341 Heather Self-taught for several years, Heather has come to Kim to fine tune her bass playing, and add to what she already knows. 78429900 Dimosthenis (Jimmy) Papadimitrios Professional musician, Dimosthenis (Jimmy) Papadimitrios enjoys his advanced lesson with Kim. 75272325 The new "Godin Progression" Jimmy, a Technician for Godin Guitars, shows Kim the brand new "Progression" model. 75272326 Julien Intermediate student, Julien, and his Hagstrom UltraLux XL2. 74009828 Peanut Peanut was an ever present studio fixture! Sadly we lost her in December of 2010. 69800878 Richard Advanced student, Richard, preparing for his second lesson with Kim. 87681612 T-Bone T-Bone sitting in on a bass lesson. She loves visiting the studio! 78429899